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Anonymous asked: I regularly get cameltoes and i find it really embarrasing!!! Help


Orgasm, secret garden.Self-portrait.I usually don’t share my drawings but … there you go I guess.

collosalp asked: I wanted to write in and say that in my 36 years I've seen a lot of pussies, and I haven't seen one I didn't love. There is something so exciting about seeing a new pussy, the sense of being an explorer, seeking out each sensitive fold & nub, understanding which spot elicits sighs and which create moans. Please ladies, love your pussies like I would, passionately and with devotion. (Please know I use pussy deliberately, it has a sense of playfulness that's missing in the more clinical terms)

19 y/o
Always felt self conscious because the girls in porn all looked so tiny. But since a year ago i started to take more pictures of my beautiful vagina and it made me look differently at it. This blog helped too!
Everyone on here is so pretty! Ladies please remember, even if youre the ripest peach on a tree theres still going to be someone who doesnt like peaches. Love yourself, you dont need someone else to tell you how beautiful you are!

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Anonymous asked: This blog made me feel so much better about my own genitalia. Thank you so so much!!!!

18 yo
19; puffy parts post waxing

Anonymous asked: So one side of my labia minora is itty bitty and the other side is so long that it sometimes hangs out of my labia majora. I always thought it was weird that one folded over the other, but now I look at it like a little envelope full of goodies

It is a little envelope full of goodies!!!