Welcome to our safe-space. Stop genital anxiety - large labia, small labia - it's all good!

Anonymous asked: I get wet really easily. Sometimes I have to change my underwear. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous asked: I am still not comfortable with mine but this blog and my bf definitely helped me become more comfortable. If you learn to love your body fuck what other people think, they don't deserve it if they don't appreciate how it comes.

18 years old. Very self conscious about the appearance of my vagina because my lips dangle and they’re an odd color.. I haven’t have sex because I’m scared of the reaction I’ll receive 

shemonster asked: Hi, I'm a girl and I love this place for sharing so much about our vagina. I just wanna say to all the girls out there who feel insecure: all vaginas are nice. If a guy say something bad about the way your vagina looks, he's not worthy of touching your vagina. If a girl says something ugly about your vagina, she's dumb, cause she should know all vaginas are different and girls should support each other. Love your vagina! Love your breasts! Love yourself! It's hard, but it's worth it!

Anonymous asked: Hi genitalanxiety- I really admire your blog and what you're trying to do with it. I don't think though that we should discount women who have large(er) labia and have to get surgery because it actually causes physical problems. I've recently come to the decision to do it after many years of deliberation. I can't ride a bike, wear tight jeans, horse ride or have sex from on top for more than about 10 minuets without getting really sore and inflamed. It's all about feeling happy and comfortable!!


feralmagpie asked: Wonderful blog! I'm really happy to find something like this. I've been self conscious about my vagina for a long time. It seems so silly to admit that, but it's true. It's my body and it feels a lot better to love and accept it than it does to resent it and feel embarrassed of it. Larger labia is not ugly and now I realize that. We should all be proud of our lady bits :)

Anonymous asked: Is it normal to have labia that are two completely different sizes? One is quiet large and the other is a "porn star" labia and I'm really self conscious about it because I don't think it's normal:/

yes! very normal :)