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Anonymous asked: This blog has given me so much confidence! I'm a 19 year old virgin and have been too scared for a man too see my vagina and large clit. I've never submitted a photo online, and have, honestly, never even wanted to. But I feel that if I did submit one to this blog it would help not only myself but other girls who may be feeling self conscience. But of course, the day that my confidence has sky rocketed, Aunt Flo decides to visit! So my question is would you take a non-messy period submission?



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Anonymous asked: I used to be SO worried about having sex/doing sexy things with anyone because my labia are rather large and I felt really embarrassed about it, but when my current girlfriend commented that my labia look like 'beautiful butterfly wings', it really put things in a new light! Now I feel so confident and happy about my lovely labia! :+)

Anonymous asked: two years ago I was getting out of the shower and my mother noticed that my labia looks alot different from hers. she examined it and then did research on it and told me that I had an enlarged labia minora. my whole life I was ok with what I saw down there and she made me think a different way. she told me when we can pay for it she's taking me to get labiaplastie. after looking through these submissions, it's clear to me she doesn't know what vaginas are supposed to look like, mine is cute.

i’m a 19 year old virgin and i have a love/hate relationship with my body. i’m nervous about my first submission but here goes! 

bws01 asked: Just wanted to express my appreciation for your blog. I've met some really beautiful girls in my time that are embarrassed by what I think is a beautiful pussy that they own. This will help, and if I encounter another girl worried about it, I'm going to show them your blog. Fantastic work. And all of the submissions are wonderful. :)

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Anonymous asked: I have larger labia minora than majora and I am generally ok with them (just a little insecure). However, I am losing weight and I am really worried that my mons and majora will get smaller while my minora stay the same and I'm really paranoid that my minora will look huge in comparison :(

I was teased a lot by an ex for my large clitoris. It completely knocked my confidence as the appearance of my vagina was never something I even considered.
Thank you so much for this blog, and for giving me the confidence to love my lady bits just as they are :)