Welcome to our safe-space. Stop genital anxiety - large labia, small labia - it's all good!
I always hated my vulva (thought it was really large compared to other women) and especially hated my labia bc of how they hang down and was always terrified of someone calling them ‘beef curtains’. Now since turning 18 I’ve realized that I’ve spent way too much of my life hating what I can never change, so I’m deciding to embrace my body and accept what I have always had
i wanted to contribute =]

Anonymous asked: So much love for everyone who has submitted to this blog <3

Anonymous asked: Obviously I understand the whole idea of anxiety and what not but I was looking through your page for about half an hour and legit was confused as to why all these ladies are/were anxious or ashamed of their vagina. Just like every other part of your body, they are unique and they all look perfectly like what they're supposed to, like hands look like hands, yet everyone's is different. Never seen anything that stood out but I did purposely look for long enough.

Anonymous asked: how do I send in pictures to you? Do I just send them as fan mail with the picture and story?


Anonymous asked: going through this blog i've seen a lot of vulvas that share similar characteristics with mine, but I've never seen one that looks exactly like mine (nor have i seen two that look exactly alike) and i think that's beautiful

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say that this blog makes me so happy. I think it's very important that women realize that literally every vagina is different and regardless of how it looks, you should be confident about it. I used to be really self conscious about my vagina, but I realized there wasn't anything I could do besides embrace it. So thank you for showing women that it's okay to be different :)

18, ever since elementary school I’ve been so embarrassed of my labia. yes I know that’s young but I was a little girl and I always showered with my bestfriend who had no labia. Anyway, to this day I get so stressed about what guys might think about it and it scares me. It has definitely held me back but I’m learning to love it.
20. Posting for some reassurance. I don’t know how to feel about my vaginas appearance.

thatstuffblog asked: My boyfriend has always commented how beautiful and amazing my labia and whatnot are, but I never believed him. Until now, now I realize the differences are what make us beautiful! Thank you for running this blog!